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GreenHill Homes
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Greenhill Homes is committed to outstanding workmanship and to friendly, courteous and professional delivery of our services. We are one of the leading builders of residential and commercial structures in Metropolitan Melbourne and Beach side suburbs for these reasons.

Contact us for more information about our current services. You have our assurance that we work with your complete satisfaction in mind.

Residential Living

We have been trading since 1986 as one of the leading builders of boutique luxury homes in Metropolitan Melbourne and on Mornington Peninsula. In keeping with our thrust for providing our clients with tailor-made homes, we listen closely to your needs and wants in a luxury home. We ensure the desired materials are used. We also use the best trades to work on the project, among other quality control measures.

Greenhill Homes believes that a sound and solid structure is the foundation for a great home while the design elements complement it. We understand that when choosing between two homes, you will always choose the home with superior construction and design aspects. You will enjoy the best value for your money and we can assist you in this matter!


We are also able to deliver commercial services for offices, retail spaces, and warehouses. Our building expertise in commercial structures is your assurance of superior quality. We believe that your employees, customers and partners deserve the best facilities.

Everybody on our team from our director to our tradesmen works toward ensuring that the structure is solid and stable from foundation to roof.

Interior Design

Inspiration, individuality, and innovation complemented by craftsmanship. Greenhill Homes lives by these values. We have set ourselves apart from our competitors because of our dedication to these values.

We have also become synonymous with quality, honesty and integrity in our dealings with our clients. In the process, we also aim to provide superior interior design services.

Our design team has a wealth of experience in the management of residential and commercial projects. We are able to complete all types of schemes - from single rooms and condos to entire homes and offices, from classic to contemporary, and from basic to luxury.

Come visit or contact us now!

Full In house Design and Bring your plans for Quotation

We take pleasure in quoting plans that you already have ready.

Our experienced team will provide all the services required to construct your dream luxury home regardless of its size, style and design. We provide for full in-house design services from architectural plans to new-home construction.

We have expertise with a wide range of styles including ultra-modern, contemporary, and classic homes. We also have a team of experienced interior designers that can make your home and office interiors truly unique (i.e., according to your vision).

Single Home or Multi-unit Developments

Our building expertise spans single home construction and multi-unit development construction, such as townhouses, condos, villas and duplexes. We work closely with our clients in ensuring that the final structure meets the building code standards and addresses their vision. We believe that our reputation rests on ensuring the safety, beauty and durability of the structures.

Commercial Developments

We also have comprehensive experience in commercial developments, too, including retail spaces and office buildings. We are able to design and build commercial spaces for both their exteriors and interiors.


Truly, we are your one-stop-shop for all things related to your residential and commercial spaces!


Greenhill Homes is, indeed, your home for all things related to your plans for a sound, stable and beautiful building, be it your home or office.

Call us now at +613 9859 0222, FAX at 03 9859 0288 or
visit us at Suite 7/796 High Street Kew East 3102!

Custom Homes

Custom Homes

Greenhill Homes built its reputation for enviable quality and design for its tailor-made homes since 1986. We build homes with the aim of catering to our clients’ individual tastes, be it for classic homes or contemporary abodes.

We aim to please our clients by providing you with the opportunity of dealing with our builders directly. We work toward building you the home you dream of and deserve.

  • Engagement in the full design process;
  • Involvement in the plans and permits phase; and
  • Specialising in the planning for construction in irregular and sloping blocks

Greenhill Homes Building since 1986

 Full Design Process

Building your custom home is an exciting and exhilarating process when you entrust it to Greenhill Homes. While each custom home we design and build has its own specific process, we adopt the following general steps.

 Site inspection

We will conduct a site inspection to determine its unique conditions, which will affect your home’s design, materials and construction.

 Site preparation and foundation

Our crew will clear the site of debris, rocks and trees, among others, in preparation of the actual construction. Footings are made, formed and poured; utility runs will be fitted; and slab will be formed, among other activities. Structural inspections are handled by the authorised inspector to help ensure that all components meet local codes.

Site preparation and foundation

 Construction of structure

We will oversee the full construction from start to finish - through all the various stages.

We will be on hand to answer any concerns upon the final inspection and issuance of the certificate of occupancy.

 Planning Permits

All new home constructions should meet the basic standards in health, safety and structural soundness required by the Building Code of Australia. Plans and permits are then necessary for compliance with the law. These are also necessary to comply with the local government requirements, including heritage and environment standards.

While you, as the homeowner, are legally responsible for securing the permits and approving the plans, Greenhill Homes can undertake these aspects on your behalf. We will specify which plans and permits are required prior to construction and who will secure these documents.

 Specialising in Irregular and Sloping Blocks

We welcome the challenge of a sloping or irregular block of land and specialise in format plans to create a masterpiece to compliment the irregularity.

We understand that even irregular features can be things of beauty when maximised with the right design.

Luxury & Architectural designed Homes

Luxury & Architectural designed Homes

Greenhill Homes is the premier builder of luxury homes in Metropolitan Melbourne and on Beach side suburbs. We have the track record and portfolio to prove it, too.

We have earned an unparalleled reputation in the building industry for many reasons. First, our clients recognise our commitment to superior quality in materials and construction methods used. Second, we are known for integrity and honesty in our dealings.

 Modern to Ultra-Modern Homes

When it comes to making a break with traditions, ultra-modern homes take the prize. Ultra-modern homes are characterized by sleek surroundings, streamlined lines, and sophisticated materials, which address both form and function in a modern structure.

Your ultra-modern home and its interiors and exteriors will typically have a Zen feel. You can expect traits like minimalist yet exuding warmth and freshness, modern yet imbued with the classic timelessness of great architecture, and solid in colours yet also vibrant with the contrast of materials.

We cater for all tastes whether it be modern or ultra-modern design.

 Contemporary Homes

When it comes to staying true to the spirit of the current times, contemporary homes are at the forefront. Keep in mind that contemporary architecture pertains to what is being created and constructed in the present.

It is a dynamic style that changes with the times and, thus, comes in a wide range of styles. It borrows from various eras in design and architecture but maintains its modern vibe.

Our contemporary homes run the gamut from the latest designs straddling the modern and contemporary divide to the mid-century modern designs. If you choose, clean and simple lines and unusual open floor plans will characterise your contemporary home. If you want, your modern home can also evoke the styles from the 1920s-1950s without the dated details.

 Seaside Homes

Nowadays, seaside homes can be designed in any architectural style. You can choose from the classic wooden cottage to the contemporary glass-and-steel mansion.

Your choice in design will depend on several factors, including your preference in style, available budget and frequency of use. Your decision can also be affected by the unique site conditions, local building regulations, and homeowner rules of your beachside property.

Be sure to discuss your options with Greenhill so that you can enjoy the seaside home of your dreams.

 Classic and Period homes

We are also experts in the design and construction of luxurious classic and period homes. You can talk to us about the style of home you want, such as:

Victorian, an umbrella term for architectural styles from 1860 to 1880. It is characterised by simple elegance, arched double-hung timber windows, and stucco façade with decorative coating

Italianate, a style characterized by cast iron lacework, overall asymmetrical design, and classical ornamentation inspired by grand Italian villas

Indeed, name your preference in style a luxury home and we will deliver it according to your vision. We will work closely with you in every phase of construction. We will stay true to your desires in a tailor-made home because we believe that our reputation is the door to your happiness in your abode.

Special Projects

Special Projects

Greenhill Homes believes that individuality in the designs coupled with construction industry experience is the key to our continued success. We strive to provide you, our clients, with a sound and solid structure built from superior materials and methods. We also deliver on the interiors of your dreams.

We keep you on top of our minds during every step of the design and construction process. You are assured of excellent standards of quality, too.

Aside from tailor-made homes, we also undertake special projects for our clients. As with our custom homes, we also guarantee outstanding results, thanks to our commitment to complete client satisfaction.

 Multi-unit Development

Greenhill Homes has the experienced crew and expert resources in multi-unit development construction. We can design and build multi-dwelling developments including luxury villas, apartments and townhouses. We are also experts at construction of duplexes, dual occupancy units, and extensions to existing homes.

With us as your partner, you are assured of an industry leader that can deliver on superior multi-unit development projects. We deliver special projects at the right cost, at the right time, and for the right target market.

We will become your partners in the growth and development of your projects especially in Metropolitan Melbourne and on Mornington Peninsula. Our experienced team can assist in maximising your dollar investments by ensuring only the best materials and methods are used during construction.

 Architectural Plans

Our team, which consists of building professionals including engineers and architects, also possesses a wide range of skills related to architectural plans. Name your desired architectural style and our architects will deliver on customised architectural plans. You are one step closer to your dream home!

  • Free initial consultation
  • Free site visit
  • Feasibility study
  • Fixed fee quotation for the plans
  • Of course, your personal requirements and budgetary constraints will be considered.

 Town Planning

Town planning is an endeavour borne of the urban challenges that towns and cities must deal with for growth and development purposes. We provide our clients with the tools, techniques and technologies for an organised utilization of public spaces. We have the expert perspective in accommodating the demands of several interested individuals and interest groups within a community.

Our town planning services are delivered in accordance with modern principles and practices in land use planning, transportation planning, and economic development as well as environmental quality.

 Plan Quoting

we welcome the opportunity to quote on your existing plans, whether they be architecturally designed or simply drafted.

Contact us now at +613 9859 0222, FAX at 03 9859 0288 or
visit us at Suite 7/796 High Street Kew East 3102. We can start planning your special projects!
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